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  1. Click on the following links and save.
  2. Each template has a background image to help you in arranging your text. Most templates also use text boxes. These are at best a guide. You will need to make fine adjustmentwhen you actually print. We will include an extra blank invitation with your order that you may use for adjusting. Before you print, please remove the background. Instructions are included in Japanese. If you have any trouble removing the background, please contact us.
  3. Templates are provided "as is." We do not provide support in how to use MS Word. (We will, of course, accept inquiries about the template, itself.)

Bells 58.5KB

Pearl Rose 46.5KB

Elegant Border 49.0KB

Red Rose 49.5KB

Elegant Lilies 51.5KB

Floral Dream 46.0KB

Framed Roses 49.5KB

Warm Breezes 45.5KB

Watercolor Flowers 47.0KB

Long Elegance 40.5KB

White Lilies 48.0KB

Love 44.5KB

Lovely Lilies 49.0KB